Where the taxman's enquiry could mean you paying tens or hundreds of thousands (or millions) of pounds of additional tax you should approach one of our specialist tax advisers.

For more modest disputes with HMRC one of our tax accountants may be best placed to assist you. They may also be able to help you on an ongoing basis.

Our specialist tax advisers are better placed to help resolve more complex and high value issues including those that relate to correspondence you have received from HMRC mentioning Section 9A TMA 1970, Code of Practice 8, Code of Practice 9 or Code of Practice 11 - Self Assessment.

They can also help you to resolve tax enquiries related to Employee Benefit Trusts (EBTs), undeclared rental income as well as VAT, PAYE and corporate tax inspections.

Specialist tax advice is also best when deciding how to make a substantial voluntary disclosure and when considering one of HMRC's tax disclosure schemes. These include HMRC's let Property campaign, offshore tax disclosure schemes, the worldwide tax disclosure facility (WDF), the Cayman Islands tax Disclosure and the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility (LDF).

Tax Advisers

The following advisers all have the relevant specialist expertise. Their profiles include their contact details, background, specific expertise and other specialisms

pauline Jackson
Chartered Accountant & Chartered Tax Adviser I specialise in providing expert advice to minimise tax liabilities
Richard Alderson
Now an experienced tax consultant, I have worked for over 30 years in HMRC and a Big 4 firm assisting clients and tax professionals to resolve tax disputes and manage tax risk.
Tori Magill
Cop9 specialist. Full range of tax investigations. Fixed fee pricing structure. Ex-HMRC Group Leader. Designed & implemented Cop9 CDF.
John Kavanagh
I am an experienced Chartered Tax Adviser, offering a virtual Tax Partner service to accountants, including sole practitioners, small practices and top 50 and international firms.
Bill Stevenson
With 50+ years of personal experience in dealing with all aspects of taxation and specialising in HMRC COP9 Tax Enquiries .. Bill is equipped to help you .....
Michael Sherry
Tax Barrister and Former Head of Chambers at Temple Tax
Rebecca Busfield
I am an HMRC dispute and investigation specialist. I help clients deal with complex tax investigations, compliance checks or make voluntary disclosures.
Ken Moody
Self-employed tax consultant (CTA (Fellow), ATT) with over 30 years\' tax experience and able to advise on all direct tax matters.
Colin Woodward
Highly approachable VAT and Customs expert with national and international coverage
Tony Austin
Tax Specialist with 25 yrs broad ranging experience at Partner level, advising both large and small businesses, business owners and charities
David Kirk
David Kirk’s specialist tax practice aims primarily to support other professionals in areas where they feel that they need more detailed and advanced knowledge than they have.
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Tax Accountants

The following tax accountants are all willing to assist with simpler questions on this topic and to help you complete tax returns. Their profiles include contact details and other key information.

jacky buchsbaum
Michelle O\'Brien
Rajiv Mehta
Robert Meredith
Tarrant Green
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