The Tax Advice Network has been described as a tax advice ‘dating agency’ or ‘Rightmove for tax’. We are a longstanding, credible and professionally run website and online Network. Our Chairman, Mark Lee FCA, is a well known and respected personality in the UK accounting and tax community.

Since our launch in 2007 we have been matching people and their personal or business tax problems with tax advisers and tax accountants who can help them.

The search engines rank our site highly in their results due to our longevity and credibility. As a result we attract thousands of enquiries every month.

We do not offer any tax advice ourselves. And we are sorry, but this is not the place for you if you are looking for free tax advice.

The introductions service we offer costs you nothing to use. You simply contact the adviser or accountant of your choice and agree terms and fees with them.  Their fees are likely to be much more reasonable than those you would be charged by larger practices employing many in-house specialist advisers.

We charge UK tax specialists a joining fee to cover the costs of vetting them – to ensure they have sufficient specialist knowledge, experience and commitment to high professional standards. You can see the criteria they need to satisfy here >>>; They also pay a monthly subscription to remain on the website. Tax accountants and overseas advisers simply pay a monthly subscription as we do not attempt to vet them.

Our objectives are to build up the quantity and quality of traffic to the website and of the enquiries that reach the tax advisers and tax accountants listed here.  The better we do this, the longer they will remain members. Many of the tax advisers here have been members for many years.

Taxpayers with tax problems can choose whether to approach one of the vetted UK tax adviser members of the Network, an overseas based (unvetted) tax adviser or a local (unvetted) tax accountant, which may be all they really need.

Accountants, whether or not they are listed on the site, can also find specialist tax advisers to help with their clients’ more challenging tax problems.

Tax Specialist advisers, can rely on the Network as an additional lead generation service and choose whether or not they wish to be approached by anyone or only by accountants requiring tax support.

As an independent organisation the Tax Advice Network has no affiliation to any practice or consultancy, so all members of the Network are able to operate independently.


Our Chairman, Mark Lee FCA, created the Network in 2007 having previously run a similar in-house system as part of a large tax consultancy. Mark LeeMark realised that this kind of online facility would be really valuable to a wide range of users. He wanted to make it easier and more cost effective for everyone to access specialist tax advice.

With 25 years in practice as a tax adviser Mark knew how important it was to get the right advice. He was a tax partner in BDO and then Chairman of the ICAEW Tax Faculty from 2003-2005. He is no longer a tax adviser but puts his years of experience to good use when vetting each tax adviser who applies for membership of the Network.

At the end of 2016 the Network website was relaunched to celebrate the start of its 10th anniversary year. As part of the relaunch tax accountants were added to the search options. Now users can choose from a vetted tax specialist or a local, unvetted, tax accountant for the simpler questions and for help completing tax returns etc.