Tax advisers are at a disadvantage online

It’s the same whether you are running your own tax practice, you’re a partner or director of a tax consultancy, of an accountancy firm or in a law firm.

You have to generate new leads and you can’t rely on enough of them coming via colleagues.

And you have to generate the right type of leads

You won’t be alone if sooner or later you realise this is harder in practice than it sounds in theory.

Lots of the generic marketing, business development and lead generation advice we see is challenging for tax consultants

Our Chair, Mark Lee FCA, has compiled a list of over 60 generic options he knows are promoted to accountants and tax advisers to help them generate leads.  Some may work but you should never under-estimate the time and effort that most of them require.  And very few of the options will be focused on generating the right leads without also producing loads of time wasters.

One of the big questions you face is how you generate the specific leads you want, to do the tax work you enjoy, for the type of clients who are willing to pay you what your tax advice is worth?

Mark has also crafted a simple 2 minute quiz for tax advisers. It quickly reveals what you can do to attract more and better leads for your tax practice. Try it here, now >>>

Your website MAY help but few tax advisers’ websites are sufficiently optimised or attractive to be found by the right sort of people searching online for tax advice

Much the same is true for accountancy, tax and law firm websites where the tax consultant is just one of many partners or directors.

Even the professional bodies’ lists of member are rarely much help as generating leads is not their primary aim. And so they are reliant on people first coming to the website and then searching for what they want.  But the quality of profiles that are then revealed is typically very low and they provide only very limited details that do not engage the visitor.

Adding your profile to our website may be at least part of the solution

The approach of our Find a Tax Adviser website is very different. We are focused on generating the right leads for the tax advisers by matching their specific areas of expertise with  our visitors’ enquiries.

We also make clear on the website and in all marketing and promotional messages that this is not somewhere that provides FREE tax advice.

The leads we aim to generate are from those people and accountants who want tax advice worth paying for.

And, as a member of the Network you retain your independence, decide who to work with, what to charge and so on. Our role is to direct your ideal leads to your profile and  you simply need to craft a compelling profile on our website.

A message for tax advisers from our Chair, Mark Lee

“Many years ago I ran the ‘tax support for professionals’ team at WJB Chiltern. Hundreds of accountancy firms came to Chiltern for help and advice each year – typically when their clients had specific tax related issues, challenges and problems.
My experiences at Chiltern were what led me to start the Tax Advice Network in 2007. I wanted to make specialist tax advice more accessible to accountants and to remove the overheads and employment costs that were built into Chiltern’s rates.
Better yet, our website boosts our members’ profiles and promotes them more actively to more accountants than most can do themselves. And, because we have a high ranking, longstanding website we are also found by the public and business people who know they need more tax help than they can get from their accountant”.

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