The following benefits relate to Tax Adviser membership of the Network. This will benefit you and add value to your Tax Advisory practice in many ways:

New leads for your kind of work – benefit from the focused leads and enquiries we generate from accountants, business people and taxpayers who want your tax expertise. Our system is designed to drive only directly relevant enquiries to each member by ref to their chosen specialist areas of expertise. So you waste less time on chancers who need tax advice you are not well placed to deliver.

NB: If you are more of a general practice accountant then you should probably consider registering here as a Tax Accountant, rather than as a Tax Adviser. The Tax adviser members of the Network all have one or more areas of real tax expertise and typically promote themselves more as tax advisers than as accountants.

Additional fee income – you agree and bill fees directly with the leads we send your way. Tax Adviser members of the Network have billed hundreds of thousands of pounds of fees in respect of leads and enquiries received from the website.

No commission or reporting requirements – Everything you invoice clients is yours to keep. You simply pay us a fixed, low monthly fee for as long as you choose.

Low-cost advertising focused on generating the leads you really want – Our monthly fee is a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for almost any other form of advertising, SEO, website development, marketing and promotion. And we are so confident you will consider it excellent value that there is no long-term commitment;

Retain your independence – subject to confirming your agreement to our service standards, you retain your independence and continue to operate your own practice without any interference from us. You will quote, charge and invoice fees to people who contact you through our website, the same was as you do all enquiries you receive.  We simply encourage you to treat all enquiries in the same professional way as you treat those that come directly from your own website.

A professional online profile – this will be promoted to people searching for your expertise or for a tax adviser in your area. You can update and revise your profile at a moment’s notice. You can identify as many or as few relevant areas of tax specialism as you choose.

Additional credibility – implicit endorsement of your abilities through your membership of the UK’s largest network of independent tax advisers. You are invited to add our logo to your website and to your Linkedin profile so that you also secure this advantage as regards their own website traffic.

Professional telephone support – all calls through our switchboard are handled by our professional telephonists who patch callers through to your chosen number – or take messages on your behalf. This also means that callers will always be greeted by a real person rather than your mobile phone’s automated message. Research suggests more people leave messages with real people than on automated services.

Supportive network – A sense of community that can be especially valuable if you are otherwise working alone after previously being part of a larger organisation. Share your ideas and respond to points raised by other members in our private members’ forum – exclusively for tax adviser members. You will also have access to a private messaging facility with other tax adviser members through the website.

Second opinions – You can bounce ideas around and secure second opinions through direct contact with other members or through our private members’ forum – exclusively for tax adviser members.

Kudos – the added confidence that comes from being part of this innovative network and the associated PR and marketing activities.

Blogging – You can add blog posts, to be seen by accountants and the public to the Tax Advice Network’s Knowledge Bank and thus encourage more people to visit your profile page.

Energy – Our Chairman, Mark Lee, actively promotes the network through his talks, seminars, blogs, commentaries and articles across the various business and accountancy networks in which he is active.

Tax Tips – Although aimed at accountants in general practice our weekly practical tax tips email is also much appreciated by tax adviser members. As one said: “I learn more from it than I think I should every week, and it’s very well written”

In summary, as a Tax Adviser member of the Tax Advice Network, you will have the opportunity to achieve all this whilst remaining independent, agreeing your own fees and without any obligation for your work to be subject to anyone else’s review.