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Bill Stevenson

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National from, Aberdeenshire

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With 50+ years of personal experience in dealing with all aspects of taxation and specialising in HMRC Tax Enquiries and Investigations Bill is equipped to help you .....

With 50+ years of personal experience in dealing with all aspects of taxation and specialising in HMRC Tax Enquiries and Investigations Bill is equipped to help you get the best deal going - whether up front and dealing with all aspects or behind the scenes as needs must..

Having been involved in setting up the COP9 (Contractual Disclosure Facility) teams for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland before "jumping ship" in 2006 - and previously holding various roles such as

(i) Enquiry Branch Investigator - "Present Day COP9 and Criminal Investigations" - London

(ii) District Inspector - London SE Region,

(iii) Offshore Tax Consultant - Scotland,

(iv) B1 Compliance Team Leader and Proceeds of Crime Consultant- Scotland (From Central Belt to all points North)

Bill is more than able to ensure that the correct strategy is engaged to get professionals and their clients the best deal possible in relation to any tax problem. Experience says that no two investigations are the same and you therefore need to be sure that all potential strategies are engaged to resolve matters in the most efficient and cost effective fashion. Dealing with COP9 investigations needs a professional with extensive previous experience as strategies and disclosure reports need to be handled confidently and comprehensively to ensure that the investigation remains civil and does not escalate to a criminal one. Make sure that you test out any potential tax adviser as to their proven experience and results. Bill's testimonials from past clients speak for themselves.

You can view Bill's extensive experience and some of his testimonials from past clients by viewing  BUT REMEMBER to mention that you were referred from T.A.N. to get the initial short (up to 1 hour) free discussion.

Contact can be made on my mobile 07751720507

Costs - Bill says - Not having the overheads of larger firms my fees are extremely competitive and depending on the type of case range from £100 per hour for "local office" and "simpler" cases  and up to £160 per hour (No VAT to be added) for cases at the Complex and COP8/COP9 end of the spectrum. Do not think that with the low fees you are not getting the real deal!!! Bill doesn't have the overheads for plush premises that larger firms need and charge on to you for no visible benefit. You are also guaranteed to get the personal attention of Bill on your case and not deputies or stand ins as happens in many larger firms/companies. Input work for analyses where necessary on Excel is carried out by a dependable and accurate subcontractor at low rates.  No travelling time is charged but reimbursement of unavoidable out of pocket costs (travelling and accommodation) are discussed before being incurred. Bill is also quite happy to be accommodated with the client as this can have mutual benefits. 

Remember there is nothing better than being able to see both sides of the coin and knowing what is coming next and using it to your advantage. 

Where there have been irregularities the fees will not be tax deductible and therefore this should be taken into account in any costings but of course the absence of VAT is a winner for us all and especially where individuals dealing direct are concerned.  

Lastly as Bill does not do general tax work any professional's client base is secure as there is no risk of Bill stealing any client going forward even though he invoices and deals direct with the client for fees purposes in relation to the investigation work. If needed Bill is more than happy to invoice the professional accountant etc. but remember as Bill does not take money in advance any non-payment of fees results in immediate suspension of work pending the situation being corrected.

P.S. Bill is often in the Costa Blanca, Spain so if you are there and need a one to one chat a mutually acceptable meeting might be advantageous. He does not do Spanish tax though as UK Tax Enquiries and Investigations are his speciality and satisfy his thirst for challenges in his "hobby".