The following benefits relate to Tax Accountant membership of the Network.

Further benefits are available (and require an additional investment) for tax specialist advisers. See here>>>

Tax Accountant membership will benefit you and your accountancy practice in many ways:

New leads from local people – benefit from the focused leads and enquiries we generate from local business people and taxpayers who want some help with their tax returns or require simple tax advice.

Additional fee income – you agree and bill fees directly with the leads we send your way. Few will already have an accountant so you will also have the opportunity to offer a wider range of services.

Retain your independence – subject to confirming your agreement to our service standards, you continue to operate your own practice without any interference from us. We simply encourage you to treat all enquiries in the same professional way as you treat those that come directly from your own website.

A limited profile – this will be promoted to people in your area who are searching for tax help on our website and who actually need a local accountant rather than a tax expert. Your profile will appear by reference to up to 5 tax areas/topics of your choice – and you can change these whenever you like.

Second opinions – You can bounce ideas around and secure second opinions by contacting the specialist tax adviser members of the Network.

Kudos – the added confidence that comes from being part of this innovative network and the associated PR and marketing activities.

Energy – Our Chairman, Mark Lee, actively promotes the network through his talks, seminars, blogs, commentaries and articles across the various business and accountancy networks in which he is active.

Tax Tips – All of our tax accountant members also receive our highly acclaimed weekly practical tax tips email free of charge (saving £10 pm). Each week’s email contains 3 practical, topical and commercial tax tips written especially for general practice accountants.

Are you wondering about whether you should register as a Tax Accountant or a Tax Adviser? Essentially, the question is whether a local accountant would be happy to refer tax work to you or would they consider you to be much the same as them. If the latter then tax accountant is right for you.  If they would see you as more of a specialist than you’re a tax adviser and you’ll find more details of that facility here >>>

In summary, as a Tax Accountant member of the Tax Advice Network, you will have the opportunity to achieve all this whilst remaining independent, agreeing your own fees and without any obligation for your work to be subject to anyone else’s review.