Are you worried about tax or something to do with your tax position? Have you had a nasty letter from the tax office? Do you want to know how to reduce your tax bills? Or maybe you want help with some tax planning to ensure you don’t pay any more tax than you legally need to do.

Mark LeeMy name is Mark Lee and I am the Chairman of the Tax Advice Network (founded in 2007). Before that I was Chairman of the Chartered Accountants’ Tax Faculty.

I don’t give tax advice myself anymore but after more than 20 years in practice as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser I can help you. I am well aware how tough it is for people with tax problems to understand how to find the right tax adviser for them, their tax issue and their pocket.

This buyer’s guide will help you to make the right choice whether you have a tax headache, want to do some tax planning or need help dealing with the UK tax authorities (HMRC).