CIS Support, Corporation Tax payments and HMRC Communications

HMRC are gradually forcing all communications with the department to be performed electronically. There is a new online CIS-repayment system, and a new two-step security process to follow before tax returns can be filed. HMRC is also nudging companies to pay electronically by taking away alternative means to pay CT. We also have news of changes to the way corporate losses can be relieved.

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Corporation tax payments

Companies with an accounting period ending on 31 December need to pay their corporation tax for 2016 by 1 October 2017. HMRC has made that task more difficult this year by ceasing its practice of issuing a reminder containing a CT payslip to those companies. HMRC has also refused to make a blank payslip available either on or through commercial software.

If the company requires a payslip to pay their tax they should look for the most recent CT603 Notice to file form, and use the blank payslip attached to it. Any older payslips will contain incorrect bank and accounting period details.

The method preferred by HMRC is for taxpayers to pay all tax liabilities electronically