[Sorry but this was just an April Fool shared on 1 April 2021]

We have expanded our service offering. The Tax Advice Network now enables accountants to Find A Tax Inspector (FATI).

Using FATI means you can get directly in touch with the person you need at HMRC whether by phone, email or web chat.

Until now you would struggle if you wanted to reach someone specific. Your starting

point might be the main HMRC contact page on the web.

This currently lists 139 different contact facilities and options. These range from ‘Agent dedicated’ phone lines (at the start of the alphabet) through to the ‘Wealthy team’ at the end.

To create the new FATI we’ve used leaked HMRC internal records to identify the best phone numbers, web chat links and direct email addresses for all HMRC compliance managers, and subject matter experts.

And if you add in a taxpayer’s UTR or a business tax ref to your search you will be able to reach the official responsible for the case.

This is similar to the way our long established Find A Tax Adviser website works, where you can  find tax advisers by reference to specialist topics but can also add in your postcode to find which tax advisers are based closest to you.

You can use the FATI facility via our website here: https://www.taxadvicenetwork.co.uk/find-a-tax-inspector/