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    Emma HerbertEmma Herbert


    The following enquiry cannot be handled by the adviser it has been directed to.

    Please advise if you can assist:

    ‘Tania Bennett (

    Telephone number: 07880540646/01932 269529


    Hello. I am a sole-practioner accountant who is looking for additional help with a client who has an unusual situation with regards to a company part owing of a residential property worth just over £2m. I need to determine how much of the property is liable to ATED, and from when the company should have been filing the returns. I\’ve been in touch with the ATED technical queries team, but made limited progress. Please can you advise if you have experience of ATED, including less straightforward scenarios and might be able to help? If yes, it would be great to have a quick call to outline the scenario in more detail to confirm you could assist, and discuss fees so may pass the information back to my client for his agreement.’

    NB these messages go to all advisers, so you don’t need to respond if you can’t help.

    Thank you


    Edwin HuangEdwin Huang

    I can have a look. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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