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    Mark LeeMark Lee

    Sent as an email 26 April 2017

    It’s now over 3 months since we launched the new website for Tax Advice Network and invited both tax advisers and accountants to join us.

    I thought you might appreciate this update which includes a number of tips and tricks to help you gain more value from the website.


    Traffic to the website continues to grow. The old site had been attracting c3,000 unique visitors each month. I’m always keen to explore new ways to attract more of the right sort of traffic – rather than random people seeking fr•e tax advice for example.

    Tax enquiries

    The quality of most enquiries to tax advisers seems to have increased – presumably due to two key changes we made to the site:

    – the improved messaging visitors see when they go to send an email through the site; and

    – the facility to contact tax accountants with more straightforward tax questions.

    A consequence of this has been a reduction in the number of tax queries going to tax adviser members. I’m sure you would prefer to only be receiving good quality enquiries but, like me, you would prefer there to be more of them.

    I have some suggestions below to help with this.

    Tax specialisms

    Recent additions here include Business Tax issues (Yes, I know – odd it wasn’t there before!)

    Please take a look and update your profile, headline, photo and specialisms as required. I have updated our profile tips to reflect the way the new site works.

    Tax Forum

    This private discussion facility is now up and running and is only for tax adviser members of the Network. You should see this on the right side of the menu bar when you are logged into the site.

    It seems to have some benefits over the old forum but I’m expecting to have to resolve some teething problems too.

    Location map

    We have also now added a map to the ‘Find an adviser’ page. This shows the location of all of the adviser and accountant members of the Network.

    Of course, not all visitors use the postcode search to find someone nearby to help them.

    Membership numbers

    We currently have over around 40 tax adviser members and slightly more accountant members.

    I am keen to double both numbers as there are plenty of areas of the UK where coverage is sparse. Do encourage any other independent tax advisers you know who might value membership of the Network.

    We also have a few tax adviser members who are part of larger practices. Whilst I don’t encourage this I don’t refuse their applications either. It’s unto users of the site to decide whether to engage with them.

    User habits

    More users now take the opportunity to go from our site to that of the adviser/accountant.

    Does your website encourage or deter visitors from getting in touch with you?

    The downslide of ‘allowing’ users to go from our site to yours is that this adds an extra action for them to take before they contact you.

    Website experts tell us that we should make the facility to get in touch as simple and quick as possible. This reinforces my preference to simply allow users to call or email you directly from your profile on our website.


    Since the relaunch we have been featuring 3 tax advisers in our weekly tax tips emails that go to thousands of accountant subscribers. I’d like to go a stage further to promote you.

    At least weekly I would like to publish a short interview with an adviser – both on the TAN knowledge bank (blog) and also on the TAN Facebook page and on Linkedin. I’ll post more about this in the adviser forum on the website. I intend that it should help attract attention to your profile and then business for you too!

    Linkedin profiles

    Some tax advisers have included their membership of Tax Advice Network as a current role on their Linkedin profile. The more who do this, the better for all. It only takes a moment to update your profile these days. If you need any help, just let me know.

    If you have any access issues please contact myself or Emma and we’ll do what we can to resolve matters.

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