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    Emma HerbertEmma Herbert


    An adviser has asked me to post the following message here, as they are currently unavailable:

    ‘Petr Sedlák (

    Telephone number: +420 416 429 150.


    I am writing to enquire about help with our due diligence procedures as required by HMRC. Our company, NCH Europe imports hydrocarbon oils to the UK. Last week we were instructed temporarily suspend this activity due to a change in the conditions of the approval held with customs. The inbound receipt of hydrocarbon oils can only recommence once NCH provide all due diligence checks that have been completed on the supply chain. We were instructed that the guidance on the due diligence required by HMRC can be found in the excise notices detailed below: Excise Notice 196, section 10.2, Excise Notice 203a, section 17.6 and Excise Notice 204b, section 19.6 say: “It is expected that your due diligence procedures will provide effective control over the risks of fraud within your supply chains. Where your checks indicate real concerns, HMRC would expect aspects of your supply chain to be changed to address this, for example, the supplier or the destination of the goods.” I would be grateful if you could let me know if you are in position to help us with the above mentioned due diligence. Many thanks, Petr Sedlák, Ph.D. Managing Director of Flexfill s.r.o. & NCH Distribution s.r.o. Siřejovická 1213, 410 02 Lovosice, Czech Republic Direct: +420 416 429 150 Mobile: +420 739 507 542’

    Please advise if you can assist.

    NB these messages go to all advisers, so you don’t need to respond if you can’t help.

    Thank you


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