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    Mark LeeMark Lee

    A while back one of our members replied to an enquiry email to me rather than to the person in question. This prompted me to offer a couple of tips re the final line of the email reply. This read:

    “I will be happy to go into this in more precise detail, which would consist of 2 or 3 hours @ £80ph, if you wish.”

    I asked if I could offer a constructive observation re this fee quote.

    I think it would be more appealing if you said something like:

    “I will be happy to go into this in more precise detail as the tax at stake and potentially avoidable, quite legally, runs into tens of thousands of pounds. You are absolutely right to want to get good advice so that you can keep your taxes to an absolute minimum. I estimate that this would take 2 to 3 hours of my time @ £80ph, if you wish. I have advised many other people in similar situations which means you can benefit from my wider experience.”

    By highlighting the amount of tax at stake (which I have assumed here) it then becomes clear that your fee is very small in comparison. Pricing experts tell us that this technique has been proven to help prospects decide to take action and pay the proposed fee. Adding the final sentence is a further reminder that you know what you’re doing. Especially helpful if she has asked anyone else.

    Of course, if none of that appeals and you win the majority of the quotes you make, please ignore my suggestions! 😉

    NB: I’m not sure it’s necessary to indicate how long it will take or an hourly rate as what really matters is the value that will be delivered. £80 an hour may sound like a lot. A fee of £160 in the context of thousands of pounds of tax, less so – regardless of whether it represents 1 hour at £160, 2 @£80 or 4 @£40!

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