All enquiry phone calls are directed to our call answering service, Verbatim (  If a caller asks for you by name or by reference to one of your chosen specialisms, the telephonists will deal with the call as instructed on your ‘panel’.

Your ‘panel’ has been set up as follows but you can amend any of the details by logging into your account here:

Our standard call answering set up is as follows:

  1. Any callers who ask for you will be patched through to your mobile.  If you have not provided a mobile, callers will be patched through to your landline.
  2. If you decide to only use a landline it will be better to only give your direct extension as it’s not realistic to expect callers to wait while being handled by a second switchboard.
  3. Urgent calls are unlikely, but mobiles are preferred for such occurrences.
  4. If you don’t answer the call the switchboard operator will normally send you an email and a text to your mobile.

Your personal log in credentials have been emailed to you by Emma.  Please look for an email from

If you cannot locate your credentials or have forgotten them, please email Emma at

By logging in you can change your password (via Profile > Security), add your Contact Methods (via Profile), add how you want to be contacted and note your availability/holidays to the calendar (via Relays) that the telephonists see when they go to patch calls through or take messages.

If you have any questions about how to use your Verbatim account, please email Emma at

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