If you are unsure about when and whether to register for VAT you can ask one of our UK tax accountants for help. They are the best people to approach if you don't have an accountant and have simple VAT compliance related questions. They may also be able to help you on an ongoing basis.

If your VAT problem is more complex, relates more to correspondence you have received from HMRC or fraud, you should approach one of our specialist tax advisers.

They can also provide you with advice on issues such as those related to partial exemption, tour operators; and second-hand cars; margin scheme, land and property related transactions and overseas VAT reclaims. Other more complex and worrying problems might include those related to Global VAT, partial exemption and financial services.

Some tax advisers and UK tax accountants have specific expertise in advising on charity VAT related issues.

You can expect any VAT expert to be familiar with both UK and relevant European case law.

Tax Advisers

The following advisers all have the relevant specialist expertise. Their profiles include their contact details, background, specific expertise and other specialisms

Colin Woodward
Based in Staffordshire, with national and international coverage
Angelos Aristodimou
I am a Chartered Certified Accountant in Cyprus. Cyprus has one of the lowest tax rates in the EU (12,5% Corporation tax) and no tax on dividend payments to non-residents.
Philip Rimmer
Phil specialises in VAT and excise duties and in the rules which govern both the HMRC internal review process and appeals submitted to the independent Tax Tribunal
Mehul Kotedia
With experience in offshore fiduciary services, complex international corporate, trust & fund structures and international taxation
Simon Ciantar
We offer services to non Maltese residents
Alun Oliver
Ex-Big 4 Chartered Surveyor (FRICS) with 20 years experience in Capital Allowances on property (real estate) expenditure, Land Remediation Tax Relief, VAT and R&M Tax issues.
Paolo Dragone
Paolo is a former KPMG tax senior manager who provides full personal assistance aimed to customer's satisfaction and legittimate optimization of the tax burden
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Tax Accountants

The following tax accountants are all willing to assist with simpler questions on this topic and to help you complete tax returns. Their profiles include contact details and other key information.

Alan Kennedy
Carol Page
Sue Wright
John Gibson
Peter McCloskey
Damian Hill
Amit Gupta
Ryan Mundy MAAT
Mark Ellis
Sara Worthington
David Poole
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